Made to measure custom orthotics for adults and children

It takes 6 steps to produce a custom made orthotic, below are some brief descriptions of the steps in producing your custom made orthotics. All our orthotics are made at our laboratory.

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Orthotics manufacturing time

  • 7 working days
  • 3 working days - if urgently required

The stages of custom orthotics development comprise:

1. Assessment

A thorough examination is carried out to assess any problems to the feet. This may include biomechanical assessment, muscle strength testing, leg discrepancy and gait analysis
2. Impression


An impression of your foot is taken, so that an accurate mould can be made of your foot

3. Make cast

Plaster is then poured into the impression of your foot to create a cast

4. Correct cast

Detailed modifications are made to the cast to ensure a proper fit.

5. Hand-craft Orthotic

The orthotic is then hand crafted by skilled technicians to get the perfect fit and support.

6. Fit Orthotic

A custom made finished orthotics.

To correct alignment from the foot up

Custom-made Orthotics

All custom Orthotics (foot supports) are hand made to suit your foot particular problems. From start to finish it takes approximately 7 days working days to produce a pair of custom orthotics (foot supports). We will be more than happy to discuss your individual needs.

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